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[IP] Marti -- severe low

I remembered something that I should have mentioned last post.  I have some days, since the gastroparesis, when I am low no matter what I do.  It was the reason for the pump - now I can enter a temporary basal of 0 for a set amount of time and recheck at that point.  It has been a lifesaver for me, especially since I get very nauseated  - no vomiting - and don't want anything to do with food.  I know that I still need the kcals, but I definitely don't want any extra.  I would talk to your doc about the gastroparesis again because many of the things that happened could be related to that.  Don't let them tell you that you've had to good of control for that to be a "real" problem, especially with many years of diabetes (and with stress ??), it happens.
Take care,
dx'71,MM507 1/12/98

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