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You commented that meat was normally your only problem with respect to the gastroparesis.  It's a bit of a jump, but it could be that the fat in many meats is actually the controlling factor.  The peanut butter cups that you ate also are a high fat item and may have contributed to problems with carb metabolism.  It's also possible that the gastroparesis is changing a bit.  Exercise definitely affects me differently than it did before my current "challenges" with gastroparesis.  Hang in there, life is still good even when it's a little cloudy.

Speaking of exercise, I had my first workout without ketones since the pump yesterday - not even in the middle of the night.  Yeah!!  I kept my heart rate down to ~ 85% of max, so I didn't get the endorphins that I am a bit addicted to, but I didn't get sick either.  I was still quite nauseated by late afternoon, but there's Zofran for that.  I was close to giving up, thanks to another member I decided to go with what I would have called a wimp workout before.
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