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[IP] Calling on the Experienced!

Hi Everybody,

I have had Diabetes for nearly 33 years and last night I had an experience
that I have never had before.  Yesterday afternoon, I went for my usual
Tuesday workout.  I normally cut my lunch bolus in half and eat some crackers
after the exercise to keep my bs controlled.  Because I didn't have any change
to buy the crackers, I skipped the snack and headed home.  It was raining hard
and I ran into some delays.  What should have taken 20 minutes, took nearly an
hour.  Ok, no big surprise, my blood sugar dropped into the 60's.  I took a
few glucose tabs and drank some milk.  I was feeling extremely dizzy and
walking like I was drunk.  I rechecked my bs ten minutes later and it had
fallen more.  I ate some p-nutbutter cups.  Still no change.  I ate a few
cookies, no change.  I ate more p-nutbutter cups-an entire bag of them.  Blood
sugar stayed in the 60's and I was so dizzy I could hardly sit up.  By now I
was so full of junk food with the dizziness, I started vomiting.  I called my
husband home from work.  I drank nearly 2 quarts of fruit juice-no effect.
This went on for over an hour.  No matter what I ate, my blood sugar would not
come up.  By that time I was exhausted and dizzy and felt that I couldn't keep
eating and I was afraid to stop, thinking I would completely bottom out if I
did.  I called 911.  After I hung up the phone, I checked and my bs was up to
68.  After a couple minutes with the paramedics, they checked and I had
started going up more-107.  Naturally, just when I call for help, something
starts to kick in.  They took me to the hospital anyway because my B/P was
210/110 and pulse down to 60.   Of course, once it started up, the bs
continued to climb till it reached 450.  After an hour or so, the dizziness
faded.   They discharged me to go home and bring the bs back down slowly.  

My workouts are something I do twice a week and have been for several years.
I actually cut it short because I wasn't feeling well.   I have never had an
insulin reaction that I could not handle myself and in 33 years, I have never
been hospitalized for my Diabetes (except diagnosis).  I've never been to an
emergency room before.  To say that my confidence is in the toilet, is an
understatement.  The only other symptom that may or may not be related is that
I was having difficulty hearing out of one ear leading into this.  That also
went away once my bs came up.

The doctor could not offer any reason as to why the carbs did not bring my bs
up for over 1 1/2 hours.  My problems with gastroporisis (sp) are limited to
eating meat, which I don't do.

Does anybody have any ideas????  

Marti, who is afraid to leave the house!
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