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[IP] Dawn PH and exercise

> Kimberly-

The story about your dog noticing your low blood sugar and not
wanting to leave your side reminded me of my cat Tiger.  I usually
experience low bg only at night when I'm sleeping.   I  always wake
up with the assistance of my cat.  I have 2 cats.  My siamese cat,
Sasha, is MY kitty.  Tiger, cat #2, is devoted to my husband and
much prefers his lap over mine.  However, when my bg takes a
dive in the middle of the night, Tiger sits on my chest and DROOLS
buckets on my neck, face and ears!!  This only happens
when my bg is going low.  At no other time will Tiger sit on my lap or
curl up in bed with me.  Weird huh?  Guess those critters are pretty
smart huh?

Becky Draper

> I have been having off and on, some difficulty early mornings.  Last
> week, my sister called the paramedics when she found me unconscious one
> morning.  I was having a tough time narrowing down my problem until this
> morning when I woke up low again only because my dog INSISTED that I
> needed to get up, but then refused to go outside and leave me.  I tested
> at 38.  Due to the timeing, I managed to realize that these events
> always occured in the early AM, after a day of physical exertion.  I
> have been able to keep my BG under reasonable control over the weekend
> as a "weekend warrior" by eating high protein meals and reducing my
> boluses somewhat.  The slow absorption of the protein seems to give me
> enough energy throughout the day to stay fairly close to normal.  The
> problem is that it seems that the morning after these events, I do not
> suffer from the dawn phenomenon like I usually do.  The increase in my
> basal at about 5AM causes me to drop significantly by about 6AM.
> Then,throughout the rest of the day, my basal doesn't seem to be high
> enough.  What might cause this sort of reaction?? is my dawn hormonal
> change just delayed somehow the day after physical exertion???  Does
> anyone have any suggestions on how I might control this?  I don't want
> to give up sports, the benefits are definitely worth it.  I think I will
> start using a temporary basal rate through the dawn hours following a
> day of exertion, but what might help to keep my blood sugars from rising
> throughout the day after the early hours?
> Thanks,
> Kimberly
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/