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Re: [IP] Dawn Ph and exercise


You're probably right about the high-exercise weekend causing the AM
lows. A type II person on misc.health.diabetes recently pointed out a
similar phenomenon for him: if he exercised in the evening, his dawn
phenomenon was much decreased.  I noticed 2 things in your post.

1. You're going to try setting a temp basal rate overnight. Sounds like a
   good plan. However, the temp basal option of the Minimed beeps every 1/2
   hour. I tried it overnight a few times and couldn't sleep through
   it. (It makes as much noise as the no delivery alarms that are *meant*
   to wake you up.) You may want to change your overnight basal, and then
   change it back again to avoid the beeping.

2. Your basal rate doesn't seem to be high enough during the day. Is this
   only on the mornings you went really low? Or whenever you've exercised a
   lot, even if you didn't have a bad hypo in the morning? If it's only the
   bad hypo days, it may be caused by the hypo, as a rebound (liver
   releasing stored glycogen) effect. 

Some other things to try: those night-time anti-hypoglycemia snacks, like
NiteBite, that release carbs over an 8 hour period. And eating a high carb
meal before you go to bed on the exercise day, with a slightly-reduced
bolus. (I don't mean immediately before bedtime, but sometime that
evening.) Good luck.

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