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Re: [IP] Regaining awareness of hypoglycemia

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone has ever regained their awareness of hypoglycemia by
> keeping their bloodsugars above 100 for two weeks?  I just saw my dietitian
> and she wants me to try this as I have had trouble with hypoglycemia recently
> and do not tend to recoginize my lows.

Sounds like she thinks it relates to the speed your bg drops at, and wants more
cushion to force it into that mode. When going low from a below 100 average you 
don't have far to go, and a larger range to drop through would give you time
to recognize it happening before it flattens you.

Only problem is that it won't work if you stay over 100 and still sink slowly
without realizing it's happening. Unless you test every 20 or 30 minutes
it could STILL sneak up on you.

What signals do you get of a hypo? I find that pump users or other tight 
controllers need to pay more attention to catch hypos. Myself, if I feel
ANYTHING that doesn't appear to match reality I either test first, then eat
(if necessary) or just eat if too hard to test for some reason. Seems to work
for me.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 41+ years, MiniMed 506 pump for 4.1+ years, now with Humalog
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