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[IP] NO Delivery

Hi I think I can identify with the no deliveries also, I am sure it has
to do with the insertion with my problems I had in the beginnings. 
Since I got the sof-serter I have become more innovative, I put it in my
upper rear cheeks (tough putting the tape on),  outer thighs (seems to
be a slow starter after a change but with an extra bolus fine) and all
over the abdomin.  The best place is the rear above where you would sit,
but like I said, it is hard to place the tape!  Surely a younger person,
and thinner person would be able to accomplish this easier than I. Like
Buddy mentioned his weight, I'm 25lbs overweight, and 45 years old so if
this old Granny can do it maybe he's trying for too far over.  Once in
place I forget it is there, except for those urgent toilet rushes that
happen to us older folks!;-}  I have accidently pulled out my set, which
is a bummer, especially if you don't notice it until much later---a
disaster in its own right, and another story.  good luck, Laurie B.
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