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[IP] Re: SoftSet-No Delivery

>>From my understanding this can be a problem.  The soft-set get kinks in
>catheter easily.  When you remove the set, check it over carefuly and see
>this is the problem.  If you use the soft-serter, damage can easily occur.
>spouse ended up using the Comfort-set; which MiniMed has as the Silohette
>(sp?).  Good luck!!

    I have been using the softsets right from the start, 1/6/97, and have
yet had but one (1) no delivery alarm and that was from an EMPTY reservoir.
I do not have a SoftSerter, wish I did, and have never crimped a cath. I
usually get 6 days from a set. I counted all my changes just a few weeks
back and at that time had only used 83 SoftSets. I have been on the pump now
13 months.
    In my opinion, when we first start making these changes and don't crimp
the Teflon, it is amazing how tuff these things really are. Again, in my
opinion, I think you should carefully examine the procedure you are using
and see if it may be from something you are doing wrong????? I have never
damaged a SoftSet. I have had to pull one out and reinstalled it. This was
before I pulled the insertion needle out. No problems.
    Good luck.

Buddy '-)

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