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Re: [IP] Re: No Delivery

hi Liz (hey the brain DOES still work!!!)
        Although the silhouette needle looks intimidating (l-o-n-g), it has
several advantages:
        1) no "tail" hanging when you disconnect
         2) lies flat against your stomach as opposed to that little "button"
sticking out
        3)sold in 2 part packaging so that Melissa only needs to fill her
reservoir once a week & mid-week, she simply changes the catheter portion in
her stomach
        4) if he's leery of inserting into his stomach, consider getting EMLA
cream which anaesthetizes the area..used by parents of young diabetics even
before shots sometimes...takes about 30-60 minutes to work though

        Hope this helps...Melissa's initial motivation was wanting to wear a
bikini & not have her "button" showing through!!!!

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