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Re: [IP] Re: No Delivery


>     My 15 yr old pumper Melissa also had the same problem..hasn't had it
>  though since switching to the Comfort/Tender/Silhouette infusion sets.
>  it definitely had to do with kinking of the Sofset catheter because she is 
> so
>  thin.

Actually, I HAVE gotten a no delivery alarm with the Silhouettes.  But it
occurred when I was wearing my "tight" pair of jeans.  So I think it has to do
with the bends in the tubing, rather than the internal catheter.  See my
earlier response to "Darren's Mom".

Mary Jean 
(Proud to be from Idaho, the same state as Picabo Street!  Go
Picabo!!-------Incidentally, she is named after a very small town in Idaho,
with a population of 50.)
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