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Re: [IP] Re: No Delivery

Hi, "Darren's Mom"   :-)

> Now for my question.  I am Darren's mom.  We have been pumping since
>  On last Thursday we changed his site after 4 days.  He uses the soft set 
> from
>  minimed.  Friday afternoon he kept getting a no delivery alarm while he was
>  bolusing.   We disconnected at the quick release and gave a bolus.  The

This has happened to me also.  I decided (with help from some knowledgable
people on this list) that my problem occurred from having too sharp a bend in
the tubing, causing the insulin in a large bolus, such as for a meal, to get
"dammed up" behind the bend.  I typically wear my pump in my front jeans
pocket with the tubing coming up and over my waistband and then down into my
pocket.  When I am seated, there is an additional bend in the tubing.  If this
is similar to how Darren wears his pump, suggest that he take the pump out of
his pocket and put it in his lap until the bolus is finished.  If the alarm
does occur, you can find out how much insulin has been delivered by clearing
the alarm, and going back to the bolus screen.  When you press SEL it displays
the amount of the previous bolus.  Then program the remainder as a second
bolus.  Other ways to avoid this problem would be to administer several small
boluses in a row, or, use a square wave.  The square wave is especially nice
if he is using Humalog, since it spreads out the peak and gives a bit of a
smoother ride.

Hope this helps!

Mary Jean
IDDM 8 years, MM507 1year

(aka "Geoff's Mom")  :-)
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