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[IP] Re: No Delivery

Wow it is very quite out there.  Maybe everyone is celebrating Valentines day.
Has anyone heard how Sara is doing.  I just got caught up on reading my mail
last night.  Our family is sending prayers her way.

Now for my question.  I am Darren's mom.  We have been pumping since 1/15/98.
On last Thursday we changed his site after 4 days.  He uses the soft set from
minimed.  Friday afternoon he kept getting a no delivery alarm while he was
bolusing.   We disconnected at the quick release and gave a bolus.  The
insulin moved through the line with no alarm.  We determined that there must
be a problem at the site.  So we changed the site.  Last night went fine.
This morning we began having the same problem.   We ended up changing the site
again.  Is this a common problem?  What could cause it to have to be changed
so often?  Or could it be a problem with the pump?  Thanks for your help.
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