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I got a message from her about three weeks ago and she was really down. I
called her on the phone and we talked about fifteen minutes and she said she
had just broke up with Larry???? He had actually did the breaking, from what
I could understand. She really loved the guy.
    She was really down and talking foolishly. I called her and cheered her
up a bit and have not heard from her since.
    I just hung up from talking with her. Couldn't stand it. She is still
having all kinds of personal problems. Her BG's are through the roof. She
was talking 90 miles an hour. I reminded her that she needs to get a grip on
herself and try to control her nerves and sugar. She also said she had
gotten laid off from her job in the past two weeks but had taken another one
she did not like too well. Basket case! Her address, email @ redacted is
still good. I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

Buddy '-)     6:00 PM CST

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