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[IP] Re: [IPd] "Living With Your Pump" FAQ

> Michael: now I'm curious. I use skin prep, then IV 3000 tape, then insert
> the sofset needle, then put the sofset tape down. How does Lily get away
> *without* using the sofset tape?  What holds the infusion set in place?
She throws away the tape that comes with the sof-set. It doesn't 
stick very well even with skin prep. 

She preps with an iodine wipe to kill everything,
alcohol wipe (to remove most of iodine) then a Smith & Nephew Skin 
Prep -- it is mildly sticky stuff.

Sof-Set goes on now.

Then a Kendall Poly Skin with a hole cut in the middle goes down over 
all that.  See the minimed picture of cutting Kendall at:

She uses some of the clear micropore tape to make a stress 
loop which is taped down casually elsewhere with the QR. This tape 
comes and goes as she frequently removes her pump - some time several 
times a day with sports, swimming, shower, etc...

This works well for her. She swims (competitive in the spring) plays 
soccer every day, showers, etc.... with no problems or peeling of the 
patch over the sof-set. There are a couple of more tricks for ocean 
swimming because of the sand.  Won't go into that now.
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