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[IP] Say what ??? By Rx only ??

Hi Bob

When I had my "infamous low" a few weeks ago and ended up in the
Emergency room, I experienced a bout of Super Human Strength.  After I
woke up, I noticed there was IV in my arm.  I asked my hubby HOW they
got that thing in me w/o me yelling.  (I absolutley HATE pain!).  His
response: "Oh you yelled alright, and screamed, and kicked, and hit, and
knocked a few of the ER staff around."  It apparantly took two nurses,
one doctor and my hubby (6' 4", 276 lbs) ALL to hold me down and get
that *&@#!# needle in my arm.  (I don't remember a thing!)  I responded
with a very tiny, "sorry."  The funny part of all this is that I'm only
5'1", 140 lbs.  I can barely lift a 50 lb bag of dogfood!  Maybe they'll
consider me for Olympic Sumo Wrestling when I'm in this state?!?

Becky Draper

>This apparently is pretty common for me when I have serious hypos. I >have a younger brother who weighs about 200 pounds - a *big* guy, >strong like bull, no messing with him. Years ago when I had a real bad >hypo, my brother was not able to restrain me at all. He was sitting on >my chest, and I kept sitting right up and knocking him off. At the >time, I only weighed about 170, was no match for my brother physically. >Frankly this scares the stuffing out of me. My wife only weighs about >115 soaking wet - I have no idea what would happen if I ever suffered a >hypo this bad again.


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