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[IP] Dawn Phenomenon

At 20:04 2/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Dan, though not a pumper(yet) I soon hope to be. Being relatively new
>here dx 7/97. I don't know what the Dawn phenom. is can you explain?

Here's how I understand it:

The Dawn Phenomenon refers to a rise in BG levels in the early morning hours
(starting around 3AM for most people) in response to an increase in
secretion of various hormones.  This is a natural process (harkening back to
the days when people had to get up and go hunt/gather their breakfast), but
can cause a lot of problems for people with diabetes.

Some diabetics aren't affected by it at all, and others develop trouble with
it after several years with the disease (as I did).  It's quite difficult to
control D-P using multiple injection therapy, and insulin pumps are much
more effective in this regard.

Unfortunately, the Dawn Phenomenon can easily be mistaken for the Somogyi
Effect (usually referred to as 'crashing', or 'rebound'), and vice-versa.
Diagnosing which of these is the cause of high morning BGs can be extremely

In my particular case, it's even more difficult because the D-P is
inconsistent from one morning to the next.  Increasing the basal rate at 3AM
works great if the D-P actually occurs, but can cause Somogyi Effect if it

Although I've attained much better overall control after going on a pump,
I'm still battling this Dawn Phenomenon beast.  Dan Caruso mentioned that he
has had some luck with his by doing some relatively vigorous exercise every
evening, and I'm starting to experiment with that.

If you don't have much trouble with high morning BGs, try to keep doing
whatever it is you're doing!  I don't know what triggered my D-P problems,
but it's a royal pain...