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Re: [IP] insulin

I used Velosulin in the pump for years and Regular insulin may have changed in
that time.  As of about 10 years ago, everytime I used Regular in the pump my site
got tremendously sore and infected.  It also burned when I bolused, more so if the
insulin wasn't warm.  My understanding back then was that the buffering helped
stop the kind of site deterioration some people believe Humalog seems to cause.
At the time I knew of others to whom the Velosulin made a big deal.  Don't know
how much things have changed though.  Some people are clearly more sensitive at
injection sites anyway.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Velosulin is buffered regular insulin.  The buffering keeps in from
> crystalizing in the tubing.   Kinda like unleaded regulargas??  Asfar as I
> know it is the preferred insulin for use in the pump, but I know people who in
> a pinch have used regular old regular
> a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet (but velosulin STINKS!!)
> Sara