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[IP] Sara Falconer (312) 908-4951

     I spoke with Sarah this AM with advice as to where to place a catheter 
     (I recommended the thigh as we did in the olden pre-pump days...since 
     she'll be laying down after surgery, not much chance of it getting 
     caught or tangled there and far enough away from abdomen that the Drs 
     won't mess it up 'by mistake' during surgery.  2nd best is arms: again 
     where we used to inject.  Bet it is a LOT easier for some of us than 
     those of us who have done our best to stay away from syringes for the 
     last twenty years).
     By the way: if you know her (or write with her) call.  I've never 
     spoken with her before but she sounded releived that someone of us 
     cared enough to call (and she is, of course, quite concerned).
     >To all interested in Sara. . . .  She evidently has something showing 
     >up on radar (x-ray) that doesn't belong and they want to go in.
     >    She wants somebody with experience in sights other than her 
     >stomach as sights there would definitely be in the way. She has no 
     >computer there so the phone number in her room is (312) 908-4951. 
     >Sara Falconer. Maybe there is someone in town there that can tell her 
     >the best spots while having surgery???