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[IP] Re: humalog and pregnancy

I read the letter to the editor from the New England Journal of Medicine
that someone cited yesterday.

The letter describes the outcomes of 2 pregnancies treated with Humalog
and NPH where the patients had (quote) well-controlled blood glucose
levels, but both fetuses had fatal heart conditions. 1 was a 20-week
miscarriage; the other died 2 weeks after birth. The authors of the letter
did not know of any other outcomes of pregnancies treated with Humalog. 

1. Letters to the editor are not peer-reviewed the way research articles

2. There is a counter-response from Lilly that states that of the 19 women
   who had live births (it doesn't say anything about miscarriages) during
   their Humalog trial, only 1 infant had any abnormalities (a kidney
   problem). It also points out the known high incidence of birth defects
   among type I women. 

Basically, I'm scared about the outcome of any type I pregnancy. The risks
are great. I've already had 1 very successful pregnancy; I hope to have
another at some point. But I don't think any conclusions can be drawn based
on *2* patients. 

Lilly is doing a clinical study of Humalog and pregnancy right now. I hope
the results are available soon. I know that Humalog has made *my* control a
lot easier to manage! 

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