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[IP] Re: Sara Sara Sara

To all interested in Sara. . . .  Her dad just called ma and told me she has
been admitted into the hospital in Chicago. Northwest University Medical
Center, he thinks.
    She told him to ask me if I would post this asking for advice on
alternate infusion sights as they are thinking seriously about operating.
She evidently has something showing up on radar (x-ray) that doesn't belong
and they want to go in.
    Sara, as we know her is always giving out information instead of taking
notes. The old "It won't happen to me" syndrome. Now she wants somebody with
experience in sights other than her stomach as sights there would definitely
be in the way. She has no computer there so the phone number in her room is
(312) 908-4951. Sara Falconer. Maybe there is someone in town there that can
tell her the best spots while having surgery???
    Weather here (Texas) is getting bad quick and I will be off the air
until this front gets through. Thanks in advance for Sara.

Buddy '-I    Tuesday 12:35 PM