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Re: [IP] Re: Say what ??? By Rx only ??

On  9 Feb 98 at 18:33, buddybarber wrote:

> From: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
> >I just heard from a CDE, PhD pharmacist that because of increasing use of
> >insulin doping among athletes, all insulins may have to be obtained by
> >prescription.  Word is that a decision will be made within a year.  I was
> not
> >able to ask him who will make this decision, but it will be one of the drug
> >regulating groups.  Seems insulin is an undetectable anabolic hormone.
> People
> >who want to pump up and not use steroids to do it, will find a way to
> enhance
> >their performance through any means, so it seems.  :-(
>     Just exactly what is this hormone supposed to do to thess perfectly
> healthy humans that they would want to "pump it up"? Evidently it has to be
> "more than normal" to do it's thing? Am I using it wrong? Man alive, when I
> get toooo much in my system I sure don't want to compete unless they are
> holding some kind of PIE eating contest!
>     I have (my family) has noticed some super human strength in the middle
> of reactions in my younger days but that was long ago. I might add, that in
> these episodes of this super human exhabits I was completely out of control!
> I may have been able to PUT the 8 pound shot right through the crowd! Maybe
> sent the javaline downtown! You could run the 1/4 mile in record time but it
> would most likely be in the wrong direction! Any of this sound familar???

Might make for good sports TV though...  I remember those times too.  
I would probably aim the shot or javelin at whatever was moving... 

Randall Winchester

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