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Re: [IP] bloody canula

Nancy Ludwig wrote:
> Hello to everyone,

Hello Nancy,

> I had to change my site this Sunday morning.  I use the Silhouette sets from MM.
>   I've been on the pump since Dec. 9, 1997.  I placed it in my stomach,
> (my normal site,) and after pulling out the needle, I saw  the canular fill up with
> blood under my skin to the button part of the set.
> I've never had this happen before and needless to say, I pulled it
> out.   My ears started ringing, which is an indication that I am about to hit the
> floor unconscious, so I knelt down for a minute and called out for my husband.
> I was fine and reinserted  a new set into a  new site.
> So my question is, WHAT HAPPENED???   Did I hit a blood vessel?  

You certainly did. It happens occasionally, I've done that 2 or 3 times in the 4
I've had a pump. Not a big problem, just take care of healing it like any other

> Oh the tales I can tell with this DM.    :-)    I can hardly wait for the next exciting thing
> to happen.   Makes life interesting!  :-)

As the Chinese curse says, "May you live in interesting times!"

Ted Quick
email @ redacted