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Re: [IP] Re: Say what ??? By Rx only ??


This apparently is pretty common for me when I have serious hypos. I have a
younger brother who weighs about 200 pounds - a *big* guy, strong like
bull, no messing with him. Years ago when I had a real bad hypo, my brother
was not able to restrain me at all. He was sitting on my chest, and I kept
sitting right up and knocking him off. At the time, I only weighed about
170, was no match for my brother physically. Frankly this scares the
stuffing out of me. My wife only weighs about 115 soaking wet - I have no
idea what would happen if I ever suffered a hypo this bad again.


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>    I have (my family) has noticed some super human strength in the middle
>of reactions in my younger days but that was long ago. I might add, that in
>these episodes of this super human exhabits I was completely out of control!
>I may have been able to PUT the 8 pound shot right through the crowd! Maybe
>sent the javaline downtown! You could run the 1/4 mile in record time but it
>would most likely be in the wrong direction! Any of this sound familar???
>Buddy '-)

Bob Burnett

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