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Re: [IP] Volume of Email

>...is there any way
> to retract something after it has been put into the mail que? ..I have
Not from Juno.

If you have a regular ISP account try downloading 
Pegasus.  It is a far superior mailer than those that come with 
either Microsoft or Netscape and better than Eudora Lite

The URL is:


It has versions for MS-DOS, Mac, MS-Windows 3.x and for
the 32 bit MS-Windows systems: NT and Win95

You can QUE your mail without sending it. When ready, send or kill 
individual messages.

> been trying to wait and see if someone else answers a question first
> before I jump in and attempt to answer it...I have noticed that we are
> not having as many people drop out from being overwhelmed by mail as we
> were a while back...that's good news...Michelle

We now have quite a few Digest and Browser members