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RE: [IP] Re: Say what ??? By Rx only ??

I was trying to figure out how insulin would help them.  If you take
extra, you go low; but if you take extra and also eat, does that get
more sugar available to the cells to burn, allowing them to run longer?
What do you think they are thinking and how can I apply it to myself?

- Jodi

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	>I just heard from a CDE, PhD pharmacist that because of
increasing use of
	>insulin doping among athletes, all insulins may have to be
obtained by
	>prescription.  Word is that a decision will be made within a
year.  I was
	>able to ask him who will make this decision, but it will be one
of the drug
	>regulating groups.  Seems insulin is an undetectable anabolic
	>who want to pump up and not use steroids to do it, will find a
way to
	>their performance through any means, so it seems.  :-(

	    Just exactly what is this hormone supposed to do to thess
	healthy humans that they would want to "pump it up"? Evidently
it has to be
	"more than normal" to do it's thing? Am I using it wrong? Man
alive, when I
	get toooo much in my system I sure don't want to compete unless
they are
	holding some kind of PIE eating contest!
	    I have (my family) has noticed some super human strength in
the middle
	of reactions in my younger days but that was long ago. I might
add, that in
	these episodes of this super human exhabits I was completely out
of control!
	I may have been able to PUT the 8 pound shot right through the
crowd! Maybe
	sent the javaline downtown! You could run the 1/4 mile in record
time but it
	would most likely be in the wrong direction! Any of this sound

	Buddy '-)