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Re: [IP] peanut butter

>I'm curious to know if the peanut butter made a difference with your mid
>morning blood glucose levels.
>Mary Jean

    Made a difference but the wrong way.
    Didn't work for me. I started out with BG a little higher than I like
(152) and allowed a whole unit of insulin extra for the peanut butter
although it says on the jar that it contains only 6g of carbs per 2 tlbsp.
Two hour after bolus BG was 358! It was still high at noon, 225, so I broke
out the Humalog and injected 7 units, 3 for the high and 4 for lunch. By 3
o'clock I had it back down to 155 but it is running higher now as I have the
"crud" again and taking extra medication for that. I might try this again
when I can get rid of this cold.

Buddy '-)