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[IP] FDA approval - who cares?

My endocrinologist feels the same way.  Why should the FDA have to 'approve'
any type of insulin for use in a pump?  And for that matter, why should
anyone care?
If it doesn't work, then by golly we'll pump something different.  If it
works, then why should the FDA be involved at all?

BTW, I feel the same way about the Rx-requirement for Humalog.  Sheesh, once
I get my drool-cup in place, it's OK for me to wander down to the pharmacy
and buy syringes without an Rx, and any kind of insulin I might possibly
like the looks of (except for Humalog).  After that, I can moronically
proceed to inject myself with whatever dose grabs my fancy, including one
large enough to verify the law of natural selection.  Or I can use another
nice over-the-counter non-Rx medication, like bleach for instance.

But it's verboten for me to buy Humalog without an Rx, just to protect me
from myself.  So why don't I need an Rx for Clorox?

At 10:58 2/9/98 +0000, Michael wrote:
>> That's what I find funny - the doctors I know started using it for 
>> most patients as soon as it came out even though it isn't approved.  
>> The general feeling seems to be that it is working well - and the 
>> doctors will continue to use it even though it is not on the approved 
>> list for many of the ways it is being used.  
>As I understand it, ordinary insulin was not approved for use in 
>pumps when pumps first came out. So people used the pump and bought 
>'regular un-approved insulin' and went ahead and 'pumped'.
>Personally, I don't see what difference it makes how you stick it in 
>your body. Conceivably, you could take an injection every 15 minutes 
>or so and that would be "approved".  Dumb.....
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