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Re: [IP] Volume of Email

Here's my $.02 on the subject...

Unless a response is _truly_ private, I'd like to be the one to decide
whether or not a particular message is interesting or useful to me.  If that
involves wading through a lot of messages that _aren't_ interesting to me,
so be it.  At least I had the chance to see them and judge for myself.

If the email volume becomes too much to handle, I'll switch to digest format.

As far as locating private email addresses, they're pretty easy to find in
the Members section of the web site.

At 10:30 2/9/98 -0800, Janine wrote:
>My only concern with what Katie said is the following:
>>It may also be helpful if we respond privately (the senders private email
>>address is supplied when they post each email) rather than hitting reply if
>>the group cannot benefit as a whole from the info.
>I think responding privately is great if it is personal but sometimes the
>person's return e-mail *does not* show up, to me at least.  I put my e-mail
>address in my signature file, so it goes out automatically in the text.
>Other than that I agree, especially with more careful use of subject line
>changes when appropriate.
>Vancouver, BC, Canada
>email @ redacted