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Re: [IP] Re: pregnancy + humalog & pediatric use

> That's what I find funny - the doctors I know started using it for 
> most patients as soon as it came out even though it isn't approved.  
> The general feeling seems to be that it is working well - and the 
> doctors will continue to use it even though it is not on the approved 
> list for many of the ways it is being used.  
As I understand it, ordinary insulin was not approved for use in 
pumps when pumps first came out. So people used the pump and bought 
'regular un-approved insulin' and went ahead and 'pumped'.

Personally, I don't see what difference it makes how you stick it in 
your body. Conceivably, you could take an injection every 15 minutes 
or so and that would be "approved".  Dumb.....

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