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Re: [IP] please remove my name from this list

> I didn't receive the digest for 3 days, so I thought that I had been
> removed from the digest list.  I am having better luck with the mailing
> list.
> Now I deleted the information on how to remove myself from JUST the
> digest while keeping myself on the mailing list.  How do I do this?
Just reverse the instructions below
Instructions to unsubscribe Insulin Pumpers

To avoid the mail volume you may wish to subscribe to the browser only
version of the list or the  digest version of the list.  With the
browser only membership, you receive no mail from the list.  You may
access the mail through a 'news' like interface in the 'members only'
area of our website at:


The digest version publishes one large message containing the 
previous messages since the last digest. It is e-mailed to you daily.

Mail for the list from all memberships is sent to:

email @ redacted

To unsubscribe from insulin-pumpers and join one of the other 
lists, send a message to:

email @ redacted
------------message containing----------------
unsubscribe insulin-pumpers
subscribe insulin-pumpers-browser
----------------or for the digest----------------
unsubscribe insulin-pumpers
subscribe insulin-pumpers-digest
-----or to just unsubscribe completely------
unsubscribe insulin-pumpers

If you are changing Internet Service Providers
make sure and check:


for a nationwide list of ISP's
email @ redacted