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[IP] Volume of Email

I love this list. The support is fantastic, the collective information is
incredible but the amount of email is close to overwhelming.

I know the digest version is available but I am hoping to be able to continue
with the direct email system. I like the day to day posts and love the
interaction. Below I discuss three ideas for keeping the email to a managable
level, please, consider them when responding.

I am hoping that together we can lower the volume of email by making sure we
are not repeating advise that has already been given. When a question is posed
it may be more advantageous to the group if we read the rest of the emails
already on the subject to see if our advise has already been posted. Then
refrain from responding or send your agreement privately.

It may also be helpful if we respond privately (the senders private email
address is supplied when they post each email) rather than hitting reply if
the group cannot benefit as a whole from the info.

I know that someone posted a request that we watch that the Subject line
correspond to the topic. Please, let's try to pay attention to that request.

I hope, I've not offended anyone. Each person is free to use the list in the
style that best fits themselves. If the email becomes too overwhelming, I can
certainly change to the digest version.

Thanks for reading. 
Hoping to stay tuned daily.