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Re: [IP] insurnace co. - bah, humbug

Hi Vicki. I just got the qid meter. I love it, it is so light and fits in
any of my purses. I was at a diabetes support group meeting and there was
a precision co. rep there. There was some sort of rebate offer.n You might
want to call the precision qid company and see if there is a meter
supplier that has the offer. The qid meter I have has no automatic
average, but it will show me the last 10 readings. No time or date on it
either. The instructions said something about its being able to download,
but I don't have a computer at home or the program to downlaod it. Any way
the thing was I had to trade in an old meter, and I have them all over the
house, and then the new qid was free. I think they are in the process of
making a new meter that will average and has a larger memory. They were
probably trying to clear out stock of this other model. I don't need the
average to tell me whether I have had the blood sugars that I want, a
piece of paper and pencil does fine. Anyway, good luck, Roz