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[IP] Travel with a pump - request for suggestions


I will be working on a FAQ for the Web site on "Traveling with an Insulin
Pump". I could use some suggestions on what the group thinks are important
areas to cover. I will ask that you forward this info and requests to me
privately, to keep list traffic as light as possible until this is finished.

Some initial ideas I have might include:

General advice, such as:
1. Carry extra supplies, meter, strips, glucose tabs or other low BG remedy
2. Carry RX or letter from your doc.
3. Identification
4. Phone numbers: doctor, supplies distributor
5.  Recommendation(s) for international travel include anti diarrhea and
anti nausea meds, supplies for temporary return to conventional insulin

Airlines and pumps - how to handle this:
1. Passing through security checkpoints
2. Crossing time zones - changing pump clock, adjusting basal rates, etc.
3.  Checking your BG - some "common sense" type of suggestions (before take
off, at landing, in flight, etc).

Dealing with the unexpected - what to do if:
1.  You are low on insulin, infusion sets, reservoirs / cartridges

What should I do when I get to my destination?
1.  Dealing with altitude (mountains, not airplanes) - will it affect me?
2.  Keeping supplies secure
3.  Keeping insulin cool

Pump specific "tid bits" MiniMed and Disetronic:
1.  Using the auto off feature for added "peace of mind"
2.  Disetronic - don't leave tappet in end of  pump adapter

Am I the only one in this city with a pump? Who do I contact for
assistance? How do I accomplish this?
1.  Local hospital(s)
2.  Local endos may know of pump support group(s)

For help with carb counting:
1.  Copies of nutrition info sheets for some of the fast food places you
might encounter
2.  "Pre compute" some sample meals you might experience

I am willing to expand on any of these areas (as much as I am capable
of),or eliminate some of them, if it seems they are not necessary.

Please respond to me privately with this info, so we don't clog the list up
while this being worked on. The easiest way to respond to me is click on
the highlighted mailto link below.

If anyone is willing to help contribute to this FAQ, please let me know in
your response.

Thanks in advance

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted