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[IP] Article for Insulin Infusion Co.

     I was asked by Insulin Infusion Co. (who sold me my 507 and have taken 
     good care of it (and me) since) to write an article comparing pumping 
     when I started (June '80) to pumping now.
     If anyone has pictures of early autosyringe pump (I think it was 
     called a '6') which user had to dilute the insulin to set the infusion 
     rate (and then divide out how much a unit was to calculate the size of 
     a bolus) please either send me a photostat or even better the manual 
     (for my new Insulin Pump museum).  
     I also would LOVE to have a picture and/or manual (and/or a REAL) 
     original glucose meter.  The one I remember starting with is the AMES 
     which had LARGE LEDs (those were the days).