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[IP] Sara

I hope that it gets better Sara - how about a little exercise for the stress?  If you are downtown there are many , many health clubs that will allow "temporary" memberships for a reasonable cost.  Your concierge should be able to help.  

Chicago is a fun city if you have some time for playing too.  If you have a choice on where you stay, and someone else is paying, go for the Palmer House Hilton -- $$$, but incredible.  Find a friend and wander the "Magnificent Mile", go for some great pizza if grease doesn't kill your gut, enjoy the lakeshore, check out the aquarium or the science museum.  Go to any of the multiple different ethnic communities for fabulous food.  Little Korea was our favorite, but there is Chinese, Indian, Italian, German,......Get some cheap tickets for a night of show performance, whether it's a play, concert or comedienne, there are usually a few left that can be had for a very low price.  Have fun and I'll bet it will help your gut too!