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Re: [IP] goodluck??? (was insulin)

    Sorry to hear about gut giving you problems again. You might try  drinking some Ensure it is 250 calories comes it a lot of flavors and it only 8fl. oz.and you can mix it with ice cream to make a malt. One thing it is best ICE COLD . You can get it at Walgreen, most  big food stores it the diet area- - Drug stores. I just got off of a week on it  6 -8 cans  a day. No solid food(big pain) had to cut insulin back too by 30/50%. I will be going it the hospital Monday / Tue. for my gut , I had a very low BS below 20ml, yes, I did have a seizure made a fool of myself at Best Buy . I started at 113ml, ended at below 20ml what was funny about it I was with a friends who are RN's & CDE's . It was the first time for them to see me go out , they both feel bad that they didn't see it coming on. But there was no way for them too, only two peoples have been able too. Mom and the girlfriend and she about lost it the first time it happen. Hope you get to feeling better and remember too.........
        SMILE & BE HAPPY
                                    Rodney : -{ )
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>Buddy, et al:
>I dont have any good luck - just dumb luck.  I am in chicago now, getting
>ready for a major stressful week and my intestine thing is back!!!!  Boy I
>wish I had a bag of that D5 right now, cuz I cant eat a thing!.