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RE: [IP] Exercise

This is the way my body used to respond to exercise.  I had that mode conquered, but I sure wish I could find out what is causing the current bizarre effects.
Lori  (see my reply to Sara for yesterday's continuation)
Sara is right about the liver releasing glucose.  It is part of that process I
referred to earlier.  Glucose stored in the liver can break down to release
into the blood stream to maintain enough of it to replace what gets used up in
the working muscles.  The lows you get later are from the muscles replacing
the glucose storage.  The liver also needs to replace whatever it dumps into
the blood and that is why the lows can come hours later.   Food and reduced
insulin help the process along, but you still need the insulin to get the
glucose back into the muscles and liver.  Some people have found that they
need to reduce basal rates for several hours after exercise.  That is why your
BG testing is so important, to find out what happens with you individually.
What works for one, may  not work for someone else.

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