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RE: [IP] Exercise

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I don't think I'm getting low - I have tested every 10 to 15 minutes and have just seen a slow upward trend.  About  an hour after exercise the rise rate increases drastically.  I further complicated things yesterday I took a 1 unit bolus before ex. along with the increased (temp) basal.  I also exercised about 10% more - resulted in a low (51, not too bad) immediately after exercise, then the same rise afterwards and super high last night (262) - I had taken another unit bolus when I went up in the afternoon.  It almost seems like my body is determined to get high after exercise - no matter what I do to try to forestall it.  FRUSTRATED!

you might be dropping so low while you are working out that your body is
releasing glycagen (sp) from the liver, which will make your sugars go up.  I
know I am not aware of lows like 30-60 when I am exercising - the endorphins I
guess just make me feel so good.  I feel it at 70 when I am not exercising.


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