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[IP] insulin needed to convert back to injections

Hello...YES you can go back to using syringes for special occasions...but
you get kinda lonely without this little dodad...I live in so. cal. in
orange county...You are from New York right?  Michelle

bringing up this subject makes me think that I should be able to
calculate how much insulin to take by injection if, horror of horror,
something should happen to the pump...any suggestions from the
group...before going on the pump my sugars varied from 80 to 400 on a
daily basis...I got out an old logbook...how did i ever live without my
pump?  Two nites ago I had a reaction in the middle of the nite...you
remember the kind...where by the time you come to you realize you have
cleaned out the refridgerator...you are starved, out of control , scared
and afraid you will fall flat on your face...how did we ever survive...I
never want to go back...then the next day I went low again...it is a
vicious cycle...and the sense of loss of control...I am so thankful to
have the pump...

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