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Re: [IP] Insulin levels when exercising

I have been testing out what works for me and I am decreasing my bolus
before the meal before the exercise by 30% and programming a 0 temporary
basal rate (because I will forget to turn it back on!) for the duration of
the exercise.  I have been going from 180 mg/dl before 1 hour of
cardio/weights to 60's, so I probably will go back to having a snack before
as well.  This keeps changing as my basal and bolus schedule are finetuned.
I am getting about 20% less insulin than I had before.  I am running about
180 - 200mg/dl consistently, so the basal will go up more still.

Before my rates changed so much, I was decreasing the bolus by 50%, using a
0 temporary rate and having about 20 g carb snack just before I exercised.
I could go into exercise at 100 mg/dl and finish at 90-95.

As with other things, I think everyone will have to work out their own way
of handling the exercise.  I make sure I have my testing stuff with me,
quick sugar and my trainer knows what to watch for.


>I just saw my endo and he told me to put my pump on suspend while exercising
>though I haven't had a chance to try this yet.  Will let you know how it works
>once I do.
>MM 507

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted