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Re: [IP] Re: pregnancy

On  7 Feb 98 at 15:55, email @ redacted wrote:

> My understanding of the endo suggesting I change insulin when pregnant was
> mostly due to the fact that it has not been FDA approved for Pregnancy with
> the pump. (Sidebar: I don't know if it has been approved for Pregnancy without
> the pump.) IMHO, she is doing at least two things. 1) She has elected not to
> put an unborn child into a situation that has not been FDA approved. i.e. as
> evident from this list there are still "bugs" to be worked out dealing with
> humalog.  2) Covering her a--. If problems arise later regarding Humalog and
> pregnancy, I'm sure she would have great difficulty if ever getting insurance
> coverage again being that she prescribed a situation that was not FDA
> approved.

Humalog has not been approved for use in the pump.  It is also not 
approved for pediatric or pregnancy use by any delivery method.  

Randall Winchester

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