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Re: [IP] Exercise and high bg's

> I was told not to exercise if over 240 - can't remember the reason why, but it
> did have something to do with ketones.
> If I start exercising under 160-180, I can bet on crashing soon after the
> workout.  
Ok you guys (and gals). The body burns fuel while you work out, 
simple solution -- eat a little.

Lily swims competitively in the Spring and plays class I soccer all 
year round.

For a swimming workout of one hour of continuous 'gung ho' swimming, 
she takes off her pump (no insulin) and consumes and additional 12 to 
15 grams an hour. Usually this will result in stable or only slightly 
lower blood sugars (maybe 20 points). Nothing a big meal won't fix 
that evening.  This is for an 83 degree pool.  In the ocean, skin 
diving the carb rate is higher (Hawaii, also 83 degrees). Colder 
water increases the carbo requirement dramatically. Recreational 
swimming requires NO carbo, just take off the pump - this may even 
result in elevated bg's.

Soccer:  Two 40 minute halfs of 'hard' play - running fast and 
continuously means little or no insulin and maybe a package of 
crackers (two saltine crackers).

Everybody is different, Lily figured this out by doing the exercise 
or swimming, as the case may be, and measuring her bg's every 20 to 
30 minutes - just a couple of times. This was a couple of years ago.  
You adults ought to be able to do the same thing.

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