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Re: [IP] pregnancy experiences

> From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
> Now that is the first wonderfully concrete info I've heard!  Thanks so
> much!!!! 
> The H1AC #s look to be not an issue.  Its the swings I guess I need to
> master much better.  Did you have specific high or low episodes?  How
> high?  How low?  Those are what I am most worried about at the moment
> since I can imagine (without any info of course :) ) running 200-300 from
> a messed up infusion set and condemning my poor child to some terrible
> outcome!

You're welcome. :-) The swings, well: I did have a few (maybe 3?) episodes
where an infusion set went bad and I hit the 300s and felt sick. But
pregnancy was a really good motivator for mastering the day-to-day highs
and lows, where I never could do it before that. I probably hit the 150s or
160s every day once or twice for an hour or so. I hit 200 once a week or

Lows, on the other hand, were more frequent, especially in the first
trimester. In order to get the <130 1 hour postprandials with Velosulin, I
had to bolus, wait 30-45 minutes (which I never did before), eat, and then
eat again 2-2.5 hours later. If I didn't "overbolus" for the meal, I was
too high afterwards, so I had to time the snacks to the peak of the
Regular. :-( That's why I think Humalog would be great. All that timing
meant I had to keep setting alarms on my watch or run low, and sometimes I
still missed. I was low on average once a day for the first few months, and
then a few times a week all the way through. (I don't really mind mild
lows, but they are inconvenient. I'm lucky, in that I've never had a low I
couldn't treat myself.)

I, too, get the undependable duration of Humalog, though. It was better
after I started changing sites every 2 days (10 months ago), and better
after I started keeping my open insulin vial in the fridge. But it's still
not great, and I'd really worry if I were pregnant. I'm thinking of trying
Michael&Lily's solution of mixing Humalog and Velosulin. 

Fwiw, my daughter was completely healthy at birth, not even a touch of
hypoglycemia, and average weight but above-average height. That was after a
zillion prenatal tests that all showed she was fine. 

email @ redacted