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Re: [IP] used pumps/ an apology

Actually, as I was having difficulty with the format of some incoming
messages, I never even saw that post.  I apologize if the timing of my
post came across poorly.  I feel horribly if my post offended anyone.  I
believe that I am the one with a pair of boots in my mouth.  My sister
is legitimately looking for a used pump at this point, i just posted an
inquiry on her behalf.  Oh boy, do I feel bad.  If I had seen that post
I believe I would have delayed my inquiry.  Sorry Barry and anyone else
who took that wrong.  This is why I switched to the mailing list from
the digest.

(with my size 9 tennis shoe in my mouth... again)

> >sometimes i just open wide and put both these size 14 boots in my mouth at
> >the same time!! agian i'm very sorry i'd didn't mean to make fun of anybody
> >but my own self.
> >email @ redacted