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Re: [IP] meter/software


I guess you just answered my question!

I'm going to see if I can find a Profile!



Ted Quick wrote:

> Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> >
> > I have a paper logbook (a modified version of Lily's).  I wanted,
> > however, to know how you get from the paper notes and the meter memory
> > to the software analysis without having to spend hours retyping your
> > paper notes?
> >
> > Anyone?
> First and formost, you need the right kind of meter. There are now
> several different brands of meter that have a port to connect a
> special cable to so the records can be downloaded directly into
> your computer.
> I'll talk about the 1 I have, the LifeScan OneTouch Profile. The special
> cable either comes with a software package from LifeScan for $60 to $80
> depending on sales drives, or can be ordered separately for the cost of
> shipping (or less), usually $5. The InTouch software from LifeScan can
> be a bit bothersome sometimes, but it lets you print 10 different report
> formats, which can be very helpful for analysing what needs to be done.
> There are shareware and freeware programs available on the net which I
> don't have URL's for. They can be very good or may be somewhat simpler,
> so you should be able to fit what YOU want with 1 of them.
> The Profile also lets you record insulin doses and carbs eaten, which are
> integrated into the reports.
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted