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Re: [IP] meter/software



Given all the things that PCs and VCRs and god know what other gadgets can do
these days it must not be that hard???  Is it b/c they don't perceive a market?
Think of 1).   the data analysis possibilities and 2).how much easier staying on
top of things would be1  I must admit that ocassionally I "guess" about things b/c
I've lagged on the paperwork.  The carb counting and blood testing are easy.  It's
coordinating the info.

Well, I'm with you!  Does anyone else care?


Dan Oliver wrote:

> Ruth,
> I agree completely, and have suggested it to MiniMed for their next pump
> (whenever that might be).  I'd even settle for a larger pump if it had the
> following wishlist features:
> 1) Ability to exclude priming boluses from memory
> 2) Recording 100 or more boluses
> 3) Recording of temporary basal rate changes - start and end times
> 4) Recording of permanent basal rate changes
> 5) User input and recording of CHO consumed
> 6) 'Event' recording, similar to what the One Touch Profile has
> 7) Data port for downloading memory contents
> DanO
> -----------
> At 13:14 2/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >I'm wondering why our meters record BGs/date/time and our pumps record 7 or
> >so boluses, but neither one records or has a method for integrating other
> >important date.  The other data is what makes those first 2 #s intelligible.
> >Does anyone care?  Do you all spend lots of time typing in your data?  Given
> >all the new computer tech this seems like a fairly simple application to add.
> >
> >Ruth
> >
> >