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Re: [IP] adhesives

Call both mini-med and diesetronic and explain your symptoms.  They will
send you some sample adhesives to try.  You may have less of a reaction
to a different adhesive.  I had this reaction, but found that I was not
actually reacting to the adhesive, but to the cleaning/prep solution I
was using.  I only reacted where the tape was at as the tape was
increasing the contact duration.  Now I have changed prep products and I
rinse extra well after prepping the site.  Hope this helps.


email @ redacted wrote:
> My skin has a terrible reaction to adhesives.  The only real problems that
> I've had with my pump is that by the end of the first day after changing my
> site, my skin gets red and itchy under the tape. I use Tegaderm, but that's
> still not working well.  After a few weeks I have to take shots for a few days
> to let my skin heal back up.  I would love to hear some suggestions.