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Re: [IP] Re: pregnancy


No.  But I - we actually - are planning on a pregnancy (trying to figure out
how "perfect" my pump control needs to be first!?!?? ).

The humalog (where I just started) clearly alleviates the long swings when I'm
off -- in other words, problems and miscaluculations fix much easier.  But the
site dependability and new set success rate are dubious and I never can tell
exactly when that "its been 3 days" potency prob will hit.  This makes me very
nervous.  Mostly the first (quick recovery) seems to be more important than the
second (undependable sites, changed sets) but I'm a little unsure of that.
Especially since perhaps if I had someone really good at it helping determine
doses, exercise, food, etc I might be a little more even keeled??  Or am I
kidding myself?  I think I have this picture that I am going to be so exact and
perfect.  I wonder if that will work?

Would like to know what the rest of you more experienced people think?


Janet Wiener wrote:

> > Sure, how about turning this into a FAQ or HOWTO about
> > Pregnacy and the PUMP
> Ok, I'll make a stab at it and post something -- but it'll be my own
> personal experience unless other people add theirs. Also, I'll put in what
> I think of, but if anyone has specific questions and posts them or emails
> me, I'll make sure to put it the answers. It may take me a few weeks.
> Btw, as I said, I got pregnant before Humalog was available and then stayed
> with Velosulin for the rest of the pregnancy. Has anyone used Humalog in a
> pump during pregnancy?
> Janet
> email @ redacted