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RE: [IP] Exercise


How were your BG profiles prior to pumping, when you exercised?
I would exercise after waiting for the H to dissipate - i.e. at least 4 hours, it was stable except very close to menses.
Did you start with a fairly "flat" BG, drop down (slow and steady, or rapid
and sharp), then come back up, etc?
Are you on Humalog or Velosolin? I was before, and am now using H.
How long prior to the start of exercise do you begin a temp basal rate? My doc wanted me to try without yesterday (I actually fell on Tues., I think because my basals needed to decrease after menses), so I did.  However before I have increased by 50% my basals 2.25 hours prior to exercise.
Do you use temp basals at all? (I think I remember that you don't use the
temp basal during exercise).
Do you always exercise at the same time, or do you have this problem
regardless of when you exercise?I generally exercise at about 11:30 am, but have the problem whenever I exercise (since the pump)
At any point during the exercise do you feel like you have gone hypo?No.  I've done bgs too - slow rise until about 1 hour after, then rapid.
Do you eat prior to activity, and if so, what do you eat? Usually, at docs insistence - I didn't the first time (same result) I have my lunch - always the same = 2 cups skim milk 
Do you eat during the exercise, and if so, what do you eat?No
Have you tried checking your BG levels every 15 minutes during activity -
if so, what are the results? See above

Ketones can indicate that your body's normal "metabolic process" for
getting fuel ("sugar") to the cells is not working properly, and your body
has started to burn tissue for the energy needed. Ketones are a by product
of that process. I've checked for ketones when I'm still "only" 170.  None.  They don't hit until I get to about 225.

This is an issue that is probably worth discussing in more detail -
personally, I wish I understood more about it. Exercise can be so
beneficial - it's such a bummer when it is not working for you.  Psychologically, I HAVE to exercise!


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> I have not heard from anyone yet with ideas about my challenge - starting
exercise with a normal bg and increasing dramatically, up to the ketones
levels.  It happened again yesterday.  Is it possible that it is the
intensity level?  I burn approximately 400 kcal in 26 minutes.  I was doing
the same thing before I got the pump without this much difficulty
(sometimes they went up, but a minor amount and no ketones).  Just to
forestall a possible discussion, I am in very good shape, I have had stress
tests that I passed with flying colors.  Ideas?
>Take care,

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