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[IP] Exercise and high bg's

I figured I'd chime in, since no one else is citing my experiences with
high blood sugar and exercise. 

Generally, if I'm high due to overeating (i.e., taking too small a bolus
for the quantity of food), exercise *always* helps. I don't usually measure
for ketones, so I don't know if I've had them at these times. What I do is
take 1/4 the bolus I would take to bring down my blood sugar without
exercise -- and then go running, or swimming, or whatever. I'm usually back
down to normal within an hour. This was true using Regular for the 10 years
I did it, both before and with the pump. I don't think I ever started out
over 400, but certainly over 300 more than once.

If, on the other hand, I'm high due to a pump malfunction (H not working,
clogged infusion set, whatever), then I definitely do have ketones and
even if I'm only up to 200, I feel like hell. Mostly nauseaus, but
generally sick. I can't exercise then, and the once or twice I tried to, I
went even higher. 

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